Monday, October 13, 2008

Simon's Xtracycle

Sold a kit to my friend Simon who I met doing a Permaculture Design Course back in 2007. He lives at the top of a VERY big hill and will have legs of steel carrying loads with his bike!

Sophia's Xtracycle

Built this up for my car free friend Sophia and her son Derek. They live in Gawler which is a long train ride from my place and then a substantial ride up a long hill. The difference that the Xtracycle made for Sophia was quite marked.

She was able to do her shopping, carry Derek's gear, pick up stuff, and generally feel heaps more independent, something that when you only have a child seat and a back pack is a little harder (though not necessarily impossible) to achieve.

Close up and personal

Been taking a few more photos of my Xtracycle, set up a Flickr page for them and other images that I might try and upload occasionally...

Detail of my Footsie, starting to get a little worn, have oiled it up a few times, but it just gets a lot of use!

My bike also found its way onto Xtracycle Gallery , lots more Xtracycle owners!!