Friday, March 14, 2008

Letter to Yuba

As part of the ongoing interest and development of transport / utility bikes here in Adelaide, I am trying to introduce as many people to the possibilities that exist when you own such a machine. Part of that is having acces to such machines...!!

Here is a email that I wrote to the guys at Yuba this evening.. lets see what happens...

"Hi Stu

Thanks for the information! Appreciate your speedy response. I already own a "long bike" (as we call them here in Adelaide!), and use this as my daily transport. See attached photo- that is me on the left with the day that I reacquainted myself with the bikes original designer and co-builder. Adelaide has had a bit of a backyard industry with these sort of machines for over 20 years, with several incarnations and machines on the road.

I find the machine able to do everything that I would normally use a car for, including all my shopping, collecting children to and from school and basically all my daily transport and load carrying!

I am very much involved with cycling in Adelaide, being a committee member of the local peak advocacy organization, The Bicycle Institute of SA, part of the Bicycle Federation of Australia. In fact after our AGM this week I seem to have not only retained the Bicycle User Group Coordinator portfolio, but would seem to have also taken on the role of BISA Chairperson! I am also studying Urban and Regional Planning at a post-grad level and am interested in questions of urban transport, the role of cycling, city form and energy inputs, particularly within the context of social change necessary in a time of uncertain energy supplies, water shortages and psychological security. All a bit of a compelling and complex group of issues!

I am particularly interested in load carrying bicycles. I own not only the above mentioned machine, but several standard bicycles, a recumbent trike, a load carrying trike, and four bicycle trailers. You are probably familiar with the Kona Ute, and the Xtracycle Free Radical - two machines that I actively promote along with the Long Bike when I talk to groups as part of a introduction to the possibilities of a car free lifestyle . One friend and cycling colleague has a Kona Ute on the way, as I have a Free Radical to retro fit into an existing bicycle.

I would like to propose that I might have access to a Yuba in addition to the above machines (in some way shape or form - Distributor? Demonstrator? Advocate? Dealer? Lets see if there is a possibility here?) that I can actively (and passionately) promote within the Adelaide market. I have a wide network within the cycling community, understand sales and marketing and would be willing to act as an ongoing demonstrator and advocate for both the machine itself and the lifestyle changes that such a machine makes possible. I would like the Yuba to be a great success and moreover, Adelaide the prime market for these machines.

So, that's an idea!

Of course, if you guys are as interested as doing this as I am we will need to work out exactly the form of our arrangement and what expectation both parties have. I truly believe that it could be quite simple and straight forward, chiefly aimed at developing and encouraging everyday utility cycling through appropriate technology and innovative solutions.

Best Regards,

Jeremy Miller
Adelaide, South Australia

PS: I have copied several friends on this email, who like me, have an interest in utility cycling and may also be interested in being in contact regarding these machines! Cheers!

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Hi Jeremy!

I am planning to distribute throughout Australia with the next shipment (all going to plan) I would like to direct sell to keep the cost as low as possible. I have not yet costed shipping bikes to Australia from NZ properly, but I expect it to be about $180NZ for 8-10 day delivery. That seems like a pretty reasonable sort of price to me.

I will add you to my mailing list (don't worry I am not likely to bombard you with info!) so you can keep up to date when things change. I looks as if the first shipment will be available in NZ in about 15days. I have had a prototype for about 6 months, but the production version looks even cooler!

My 76 yr old father in law has been out riding, and he comment how light it feels to ride. I agree, it is a really nice bike.

Take care
On 13/03/2008, Jeremy Miller <> wrote:
Hello Cargo Bikes NZ

Was just after a little more information on the Yuba such as what distribution is planned into Australia and what the cost from NZ to Aust might be?

Bit of a preliminary enquiry at this stage, hope that you can help,

Look forward to your reply,


Jeremy Miller
Adelaide, South Australia."


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