Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Xtracycle Finally Built

Big thanks to Peter Good, my long term cycling friend and expect mechanic who helped me with some of the mechanicals and getting the bike built up. Also, Kevin Clark from Clarks Cycle on Magill Road for help in selecting the right parts and doing everything at a really nice price!

I have been riding the bike for two weeks now and it is really amazing. There were a few teething issues, mainly the wheels from my old bike were really too worn out to be used, so I recycled a front rim off one of my hard rubbish bikes that just needed to be trued up and went a brand new Alex wheel for the rear from Kevin who also helped set uo the brakes. I have added a set of Zafel mudguards since the photos were taken which have already proved invaluable. The only other real teething issue is that the FAP bolt keeps working loose (not dramatically, but needs to be tightened every few days, which is not right). Will fix this shortly.

Have taken my daughter to school twice this week, and she loves it! And yes, the Footsies for her feet make a big difference. I'll post new photos soon with the bike as it is now.

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