Saturday, July 5, 2008

Adelaide Cargo Bike Cult!

Time for this cult to see the light of day. The Xtracycle has proved an excellent catalyst for this. Affordable, practical and flexible and now with an Australian distributor!. Very exciting!!

Been doing more of the build on my machine, now looking at a disc brake front end for better stopping, and a flash new snap deck cushion, that I designed, and that my Mum (god bless you Mum) built!

The seat has been a big hit, very eye catching, my daughter loves it!

Have written to Dirt Works letting them know what I have been doing to promote and gather interest for the Xtracycle in Adelaide, increasing the market and promoting the machine directly to consumers and bike shops. I have been trying to get a little bulk buying community oriented scheme off the ground for a few months now, and I am increasingly thinking that I will need to work with a local retailer to make this happen.

I have three friends keen to get one and another four yet to make a decision, and that is without even really trying to sell them!! Frustrating me a little bit as I want to build the scheme, get more Xtracycles on the road and in the public eye!

The next event for the Cargo Bike Cult will be a picnic of Adelaide's Cargo Bike enthusiasts! Looking at a Spring event as the weather is warmer and there will be more bikes on the road!

We have quite a few examples of Cargo Bikes and can swap a few stories about what can be carried, how and where!!

Watch this space....


Sophia said...

Good one! :)

Anonymous said...

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